The best sport for a child with asthma?

Michael PhelpsDid you know that if you have an asthmatic child, swimming might be the best sport for him or her?  When I interviewed Buteyko Breathing and Asthma-Free Naturally expert, Patrick McKeown, for “The Heatlhy Child Show” he spoke about the importance of reducing your breathing (both in rate and volume of air) in order to reduce and even eliminate asthma attacks.  Over-breathing decreases the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood, causing “hypocapnia,” which in turn causes constriction of the airway.  Reversing this vicious cycle by reducing the breath can also reverse all of the harmful effects of broncho-constriction, such as asthma.  Swimming naturally lends itself to this as you have to limit your breathing.  Patrick speculated that perhaps this is why Olympian Michael Phelps was so successful in the pool, despite suffering from exercise-induced asthma!  If you would like to get rid of asthma naturally, and ditch the inhalers for good, spend some time exploring Patrick’s websites, and