6 Month Old with a Chicken Leg?

Are you frustrated by trying to feed a picky eater?  Baby Led Weaning (BLW), as demonstrated in this video from BLW expert Gill Rapley, can be the answer to all of your aggravation.  It allows the child to guide the weaning process, encouraging her to discover new foods, exploring taste and texture, on her own at her own pace.  In her book Baby Led Weaning, Gill explains that when we wean children on to solid foods, we frequently do it at the behest of a pediatrician with colorful purees that bare little resemblance to the whole foods from which they came. It doesn’t allow them build trust with what they are eating nor regulate their own appetite. Spoon feeding is something that is done to a child at an appointed time, rather than allowing the child to feed himself at family mealtime. On the other hand, baby-led weaning  really is such an intuitive model of weaning – as much a socialization process as a growth and development one – and those parents who have taken Gill’s advice report family-friendly, nutritious, sometimes messy, but always enjoyable mealtimes.  To find out more information about the natural way to wean your baby, visit www.baby-led.com