How One Woman Has Changed School Lunches

The subject of school lunches has entered our national dialogue in a very real and urgent way over the last few years.  Childhood obesity is continually rising, with one third of our nation’s children overweight according to the American Heart Assocation, and this generation predicted to be the first ever to die before their parents.  It is obvious that we need to make a change in the way our children our fed, but it has proven to be not such an easy task when it comes to what is being served in school cafeterias.  Enter Chef Ann Cooper.  With a background that includes Chef, Nutrition Services Director, Consultant, Author, Public Speaker, and Advocate, Chef Ann has been changing the way our children eat, one school at a time.  She founded The Lunchbox, a FREE online toolkit that any parent or administrator can use to help transform your local school food into something that is healthy and delicious for children. Resources include how to bring a salad bar into your cafeteria (complete with information on equipment selection, regulations, purchasing, recipe development, training, marketing and student interface), Food Day School Curriculum with innovative lesson plans on teaching children about healthy food choices, and creating a farm-to-school model that brings local produce into schools.  You can found this wealth of information at