What does texting or heavy backpacks do to your child’s posture?

textingWith the ubiquitousness of tablets, laptops, and smart phones, it only seems logical that the school days of toting heavy backpacks full of textbooks are coming to a close.  Until then, it seems that children will continue to struggle with oversized loads that frequently affect their posture.  What I see most commonly is children adopting a forward-head posture to compensate for the weight in their backpacks.  Ironically, texting and extended computer use also leads to forward-head postureThis head position can also be related to a compromised airway.

According to orofacial myologist, Joy Moeller, RDH, “mouth breathing and a low tongue rest posture are often associated with a forward head posture.  The person brings their head forward in order to open the airway.”   This in turn negatively affects the cervical spine, the hips, the knees, the feet, and all of the supporting muscles.

An orofacial myologist can help with these issues by correcting poor oral posture.  Habits such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, and thumb-sucking not only contribute to the forward head posture but also alter facial growth.  Correcting these problems for both adults and children alike is something we do a lot of in our practice, and patients find the therapy both fun and effective.  Visit www.myofunctional-therapy.com for more information on orofacial myology.