Ever wondered what “leaky gut” is?

I was so excited to interview Rachel Abrams, MD about food allergies and gut health for “The Healthy Child Show” web series in January.  She shared the most fascinating information about how allergies create an inflammatory response within the body, and how that specifically affects the gastro-intestinal system.

Influencing the Immune Response by Improving GI BalanceAs a physician who practices Integrative Medicine, she pulls from both Western and alternative modalities in treating her patients and focuses on restoring total body health rather than just writing a prescription to treat a symptom.  Gut health is a crucial component to that.  As you can see in her slide above, inflammation created by food allergens can damage the intestinal lining and lead to a “Leaky Gut.”  This literally means that the gap junctions which are a normal part of the intestinal lining remain open and allow undigested food, toxins, parasites, harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi to cross through the intestine and into the blood stream.  You can imagine how the immune response then becomes heightened to this assault and can create chronic dysfunction and disease.

The good news, however, is that you can heal a damaged GI tract by eliminating the allergens and repopulating the gut with healthy, helpful bacteria. 

You can hear Dr. Abrams speak about more about this topic on the recorded interview from “The Healthy Child Show,” or contact her through her website at SantaCruzIntegrativeMedicine.net.