Difficult Child, Terrific Teen!

Strong-willedPositive Parenting expert Dr. Laura Markham has good news for you if you have been blessed with a particularly strong-willed child: if parented in a sensitive, empathetic way, your “difficult” child can grow into a fabulous leader! In a recent post on her ultra-informative website, Aha!Parenting.com, Dr. Markham outlines Ten Tips For Positive Parenting Your Strong-Willed, Spirited Child.” She points out that rather than viewing your child as “stubborn”, you can embrace him as someone of integrity who does not easily succumb to peer pressure. What a valuable quality to have as he transitions into adolescence! However, breaking his will and forcing your child into obedience does not foster this quality and can in fact make things even more combative in your relationship. Make conflict resolutions a win-win, however, and watch your child blossom with self-discipline and responsibility.