DIY: Is your Child’s Face Growing Favorably?

If you’ve ever wondered whether your child’s face is growing favorably, you can find out with a very easy test.

And if caught early enough, there is a solution that can help guide your child’s facial growth so that you can help prevent later orthodontic work and optimize facial esthetics by addressing problems such as a deep overbite, an under-bite, mouth breathing and other problems that can possibly affect long term health.

1.)   Using a piece of ribbon, measure the distance between the edge of the upper front tooth and the very tip of the nose (Measuring tooth to nose furthest point forward)

IMG_7403 IMG_7402

2.)   Mark those points with a pen.

3.)   Using a millimeter ruler, measure the distance between the two ink marks. This is the Cosmetic Line.


4.)   Compare your child’s Cosmetic Line to the chart

Age Cosmetic Line – Female Cosmetic Line – Male
5 26 28
6 27 29
7 28 30
8 29 31
9 30 32
10 31 33
11 32 34
12 33 35
13 34 36
14 35 37
15 36 38
16 37 39
17 38 40
Adult female: 38-42mm Adult male: 40-44mm

If the Cosmetic Line is 5-mm or greater than the ideal measurement, this is an indication that unwanted facial growth has already occurred.  If so, Biobloc Orthotropics® can help. Find out more in this video below:

You can also contact Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian at (831) 438-4411 for a consultation.