Asthma-free naturally for kids!

If you or your child struggles with allergies or asthma, you likely have a medicine cabinet full of antihistamines, decongestants, and inhalers.  But what if you could get rid of all the medicine and learn to control those attacks naturally…permanently?  Patrick McKeown has been teaching children and adults alike to do just that for many years using Buteyko Breathing.  Developed over 50 years ago by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, his method breaks the vicious cycle that over-breathing starts by teaching you to reduce your breathing, increase the oxygen your body receives, and prevent the bronchoconstriction of asthma.  It can also help you to unblock your nose naturally or stop a coughing attack!  Check out for more information.

Tongue-Tied Child?

Is your child’s tongue restricted?
linugal frenulum

One of the biggest obstacles to breastfeeding and a proper swallowing pattern is a tongue tie, or “ankyloglossia.”   The little piece of tissue that attaches the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth is called a “frenum,” and when that attachment is too tight, the tongue can’t function properly.  All newborns should be screened for this right after birth as it can prevent a baby from latching to the breast, and the fix is very easy just a quick severing of that attachment can mean the difference between a child who can feed properly and one who cannot.

If this tongue tie persists into childhood or even adulthood, it prevents a proper swallow, which in turn can cause orthodontic problems.  Fixing the tongue tie after infancy is still an easy procedure, but it is very important to seek the help of an orofacial myologist afterwards who will help make sure the frenum doesn’t heal back in the same position before it was released.  Visit to learn more about a tongue tie and how orofacial myology can help.

What a great series!

thank_youWow! What a way to start the year! A very heartfelt thank you to all of the speakers and to our audience who were able to listen in and participate in our live webinar series. We had such a great response, and I was so excited to see listeners from around the world engage with each topic. As a host who had been exposed to much of this information before, I was continually surprised by how much I learned during every interview. All of the subjects seemed to really complement each other, and hopefully imparted the kind of information that is so crucial to children’s health, yet is so often fragmented and hard to come by. The live series may be over, but I will continue to post leading-edge information from experts here on the site, updates on Facebook and Twitter so please connect with us! And please sign up if you would like to receive our free video tips and info about our next live webinar series. If you are interested in the recording of the webinar, you can find out more about the interviews on the Interviews page.